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Classic Legacy’s focus is  creativity.   As the designer of Classic Legacy my  mission is to help retailers, museums, hotels, and corporations develop creative tools and custom gifts that enhance their business.  As a result I write about special events, new gift trends, art, display ideas, and new techniques in design.  I enjoy featuring our clients and showcasing their business.  My goal is to create relevant content that you can use to creatively promote your business.  I wrote a Free E-Book  offering 10 actionable ideas for creating custom gifts.

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I began Classic Legacy over 25 years ago.   It has grown and evolved.  As a young girl  in Central Missouri I always loved to create and make things.   I loved to paint, color, work puzzles, and sew.   My parents  encouraged experimenting and creating.   My father was a farmer and my mother was a teacher.  I always loved the farm!    I studied and became an elementary teacher.  My Masters Degree  is from the University of Alabama.    Even as a teacher it was the creative activities that I loved.   Classic Legacy was born when I had two young daughters.   Now I  have three grandchildren.  I have been married to my husband, David, for 42 years.  We live outside of Memphis, TN.  The photo above was taken in front of the Domaine Carneros on a trip to Napa.

How Can I learn More About Classic Legacy?

Classic Legacy features wine accessories, desk accessories,personal accessories, and jewelry.  Currently our focus is on creating high-end custom gifts.  On my journey I have partnered with showrooms at major markets and have representatives throughout the United States.   We now have representatives in select regions.   I enjoy learning about the needs of customers and figuring out the best way to creatively serve those requests.   You can now order online via the Classic Legacy website by creating an account.

(The Classic Legacy phone number is 901-756-9339).   We also would love to visit with you and learn more about how to serve you and your customers.   We have found Facebook and Twitter to be an excellent way to connect.  Please do become a fan!   This is where we share the latest trends in custom design.   We all learn from each other and Facebook is a great place to share and learn.  Click here to become a Facebook Fan and click here to follow us on Twitter.  The very best way to stay in touch is sign up for the free updates so you don’t miss anything!

Classic Legacy Custom Gifts Marble Bottle Stoppers

Classic Legacy Custom Gifts Marble Bottle Stoppers

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